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Academy graduate Ethan Street launched Street Kings, a world-based supplier of fitness equipment during lockdown in February 2021 and was recently named as one of the top 10% of businesses worldwide by Shopify.

Ethan had the dream of Street Kings since the age of 14, and after two years of planning and graduating at Needham Market Academy, he was able to put his plans into practice and launch his business on the 20th February 2021. Street Kings were also named within Shopify’s top 10% of business worldwide that launched in the same month in terms of store traffic and sales.

Ethan said: “Needham Market Academy was a big part of the process upon launching my business. The academy and staff gave me the confidence and support to do it. All the tutors, especially Matt [Sports Lecturer] were amazing at discussing opportunities and pointing us in the right direction of next steps after we graduate.”

Street Kings specialise in gym wear and home workout equipment and have recently signed two athletes. Jimmy Fell who is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and an upcoming young golfer Max Weaver who is currently competing in top amateur events globally.

Picture Left: Jimmy Fell - MMA | Right: Max Weaver: Golfer

Alongside Ethan’s current full-time employment, he continues to grow his business by working countless hours designing his latest clothing lines, marketing, and promotion all by himself.

He continued: “I handle the day-to-day and everything to do with the behind-the-scenes and hopefully in the future will look to take on people to join the Street Kings family.”

“Although we are small now, I have huge ambitions for this company and the direction I want it to go; from new clothing designs and signing new athletes, to being a household name in fitness and opening a gym. The aim is also and will always be to inspire and motivate people to be the best version of themselves and make them chase their dreams.”

You can follow Ethan’s journey via Facebook & Instagram and check out his latest lines on his website:


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