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12th Man: Tackling stigma around mental health

Needham Market Football Club and Needham Market Academy are delighted to be working with the 12th Man to support their campaign to help men talk more openly about mental health.

Key members of staff from the football club and academy have completed Mental Health First Aid training, this internationally recognised training allows staff greater knowledge in aiding any issues individuals may have.

The 12th Man campaign is built upon the positive values of a football crowd. It encourages men to show emotions and not hide them. It asks men to help each other to tackle the stigma around mental health, and to offer unconditional support when it’s needed most: when they are struggling to cope and finding life difficult. It empowers men to talk about mental health more openly, more often, and without stigma or prejudice.

Robert Peace, Operations & Academy Director said: “Mental health is a very important topic, and it is important we provide an environment for players, students and staff to feel comfortable to talk about their mental health.”

“With there being a negative stigma about young men discussing their feelings it is important we break down this view and encourage open discussions. We are pleased to be working with the 12th Man to provide us with the platform to achieve this goal.”

Nick Little, Founder of the 12th Man says: "We're delighted to be partnering with Needham Market Football Club to help support their staff during their Mental Health First Aid training. It has always been our ambition to work with football clubs, however, we wanted to get the campaign established in other sectors first such as the construction and barber industry as we understand that not everyone is an avid football fan!"

“Football Clubs are uniquely placed to help us carry the campaign values – all the businesses and groups that we work with are part of the community that football clubs represent, and we think the 12th Man offers clubs a great platform upon which to help engage their fans on the subject of mental health, and especially to raise awareness of the issues facing men.”


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