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‘One Club’ confirmed as The Windscreen Company increases club sponsorship deal.

The Windscreen Company backs Needham Market Football Club’s ‘one-club-ethos’ as they announce a new agreement to sponsor the clubs senior men’s and women’s provision for the 22/21 season.

In a bid to continue developing the women’s game, longstanding club sponsor, The Windscreen Company have included the women’s provision in their sponsorship agreement with Needham Market Football Club.

Freya Louis, Girls’ & Women’s Development Manager at Needham Market Football Club said: “We’re delighted to be included in the club's main sponsorship deal with The Windscreen Company. With Barry’s support [Director of The Windscreen Company], we can continue our steady growth of the female provision at the club to reach our maximum potential both on and off the pitch.”

The Ipswich based company has been the clubs main sponsor for the last fifteen years which has coincided with clubs steady progress at step 3 football and continual development of facilities.

The Windscreen Company has provided essential support over the years and has built a long standing relationship as Barry Hegley was also appointed President of Needham Market Football Club in August 2019.

Barry Hegley, Managing Director of The Windscreen Company said: “It’s a privilege and a honour to be associated with NMFC, The Windscreen Company will continue to support their ongoing progress.”


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