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Academy teams up with Needham Community Gym & Fitness

Needham Market Academy is delighted to announce a new partnership with Needham Community Gym & Fitness to enrich both academy and club experience for students and players.

Needham Gym reopened its doors when the first set of covid restrictions lifted back in August 2020 under the new ownership of Marc Ling.

Marc seized the opportunity to reinvent the gym during the first lockdown to create a community-driven hub for local gym-goers basing their ethos around their gym members and their members' needs.

As well as a fully-equipped gym, it also includes; a Hairdressers, Beautician, Retail Concession, Pilates Studio and also provides sports massages and physios. This unique approach is to encourage the use of small local businesses.

Robert Peace, Operations & Academy Director at Needham Market Academy said: “It is very important we work closely with good businesses in the local area. Marc has worked very hard on improving the gym and it is great to be in partnership with them to enhance both the academic and sporting provision within the academy and football club as a whole.”

Marc Ling, Director of Needham Community Gym & Fitness said: “It has always been the ethos of Needham Gym to embrace and support the local community, and a partnership with Needham Market Academy was a natural step. Exciting times for both parties that will furthermore assist the Club and students development.”


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