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club & academy supported by local mp

A drive to create more footballing opportunities at one of Suffolk’s top non-league clubs has been supported by local MP, Jo Churchill.

Needham Market Football Club was visited by Jo Churchill, MP for Bury St Edmunds, to discuss the club and academy.

Needham Market FC is now the home of four senior teams, eight youth teams, and a disability team with both their men & women’s first teams playing the highest level of non-league football in Suffolk.

Robert Peace, Needham Market FC Operations & Academy Director, said he was delighted to get the opportunity to meet with Mrs Churchill and outline the club’s vision.

He said: “It was very refreshing to have the time with Jo and discuss a large range of topics and highlight the vision of both the club and the academy.

“Our facilities have benefited from local and national funding and the continued support will help enhance the exciting future for Needham Market FC, Needham Market Academy and the local community.

“We thank Jo for her continued interest and involvement with the club and academy."

Mrs Churchill, who visited the football club as part of her summer tour around her constituency, said she was hugely impressed by the developments at Bloomfields.

She added: “There are so many great initiatives and collaborations going on at Needham Market – both locally and overseas.

“The academy is going from strength to strength in partnership with Suffolk New College and also Spanish Technical Elite Player Pathways (STEPP); a higher education provider supplied by Barcelona FC & Barcelona University through the Barcelona Innovation Hub, as well as with the US Sports Scholarship working as a gateway to opportunities to study overseas.

“The academic offer is equally as important as the sports side and it was heartening to hear that it was able to continue through the pandemic.”


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